How to promote your products at the point of sale
With the (unique) 100% guaranteed display stand.
And if you are not satisfied it’s free.

Earth is flat.
Sorry? You say you can’t believe this? Actually neither do I.
But nowadays lot of people have been thinking it was correct.
There is plenty of theories, studies and experiments that doubtlessly demonstrates that Earth is flat.
Tendentious information have been manipulating us for many years, they aimed to persuade us that Earth was a sphere: actually it seems it isn’t.
Without offending Copernicus, we have to make everything from scratch.
And here we are again, who says everything and who says the opposite.
We can just trust our experience, or our past. After all, for what concerns me, flat or spherical Earth doesn’t really matter, what is essential, is that the planet (or disc) where we are living in welcomes us, allowing us to live in the best possible way.
Eventually there is a different inconvenience: problem is us. But this is not the point.
In this specific case it is impossible to personally verify the reality, but generally speaking, direct experience is perhaps the only available way to distinguish between what is real and what is not.
To distinguish between what works and what doesn’t
Let’s come back on the ball. I promised you to talk about how to promote your products, increase your sales and get rid of every interconnected inconvenience. I also promised this article to be short, so I immediately go to the point.
If you are reading this letter you are certainly part of the sales world: perhaps you have a company who manufacture and sell their products, or you distribute others’, or you work at one of these companies and you take care of their sales growth.

If to support your sales and promotions, you are currently using disposable cardboard displays that easily break, quickly come unglued and instantly fall apart when wet,
then you can breathe a sigh of relief:

finally you are going to be introduced to Polypro’s POS displays.


The most extraordinary thing is that you are not risking anything anymore by buying your new displays.
In fact, every order is protected by TRIPLE WARRANTY.
  • “PERFECT SAMPLE” warranty: if you are not satisfied with your customized prototype we will pay you back the 100% of what you paid for development. With no ifs and or buts.
  • “KASKO” warranty: free replacement for any accidental breakage occurred within 100 days from shipment.
  • “PERFORMANCE” warranty: if within 30 days after delivery you are not satisfied with the supply, you just have to return the goods and we will arrange a full refund of what eventually previously paid, without asking for any additional payment.
I know what you are thinking: nobody gives you these warranties. Well, Polypro does.
As previously said, since the only way to distinguish from what works and what doesn’t is testing, I decided to do a simple thing: instead of describing you how could an appealing, strong and functional display work at your advantage, I send you one of them directly to your office.
What do you say?
We are currently working on a series of samplings for some clients, if you like, we add yours to this list as well. You just have to inform us in advance.
By clicking on the button below, you receive your free request form.
You can choose between two standard displays (valued at € 150,00) and have one of them into your office.
For free and with no obligation, you can test it as long as you need.
But hurry up there are just a few prototypes still available and list closes on February the 14th.
Well, I’m done, I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time.
Before moving on, I’d just like to thank you for the attention by adding two extra bonuses, just for you.
Bonus 1 : if you complete and send the free request form within February the 14th, you have the right to enter the POLYPRO TEST DRIVE program. It gives you the chance to receive a supply of maximum 25 units without taking in charge printing costs. A concrete saving.
If you think I leave you to your destiny as soon as you have tested them, you are completely wrong.
Here it is Bonus 2 : if after 60 days from test drive, you decide to buy your first batch of only 100 units – but even if you decide to buy them immediately, without preliminary tests – I reserved for you a coupon valued at € 500.
Do not wait, take advantage of this chance and see with your own eyes the impossible!
Now I’m done for real.
Thanks and have a nice day.
Giuseppe Tripodi
Polypro displays: more sales with no hassles