your D-day for the launch and promotion of your products
( …and more).

It is no coincidence that the two names, Display Day and D-day, appear so similar; especially in meaning.
As you know, the term D-day is an expression that comes from the military world, but today it is commonly used to mark the date when an important event will take place.
In fact, Display Day is the day during which you can take advantage of very convenient conditions to introduce the More Sales with No Hassles system in your company, and combine your marketing strategies with its powerful sales tools.
Since the distribution and sale of your products is the most important thing for your company,so Display Day becomes an event not to be missed.
During the Display Day in fact, for every purchase in Polyproland, you can triple the number of coins you earn: our PoPcoins.
To sum up, briefly, PoPcoin is the currency of Polyproland, the place where companies that distribute their products to the retail trade, prefer to make their purchases to promote sales.
This is how it works: by every purchase, you will receive 1 Popcoin for every 100 euro of your order, which you can spend on future orders.
If you want to learn more about how this coin works, I’ll leave you the link at the bottom of the page.
Below you will find all the details divided by topics.
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