Unconventional weapons FOR RENT
to crumble the competition
and become… the consumer’s preferred choice.

Welcome to this page.
Don’t worry, you aren’t landed on the wrong site and you weren’t even sucked into an illegal deep web site.
You’re on the Polyproland website, and indeed, you’re right in the safest place in the world. You will soon understand why.
If this is your first time here, you should know that Polyproland is where many successful companies live.
They are people who have companies like yours, who produce and distribute their products through traditional channels: high street shops.
Here’s what happens when you enter this world according to one of our dear citizens:

What really helped us to emerge were the Polypro display stands. Since we started using the More Sales with No Hassles system, we have definitely noticed an increase in sales. Not only that, but since we have our own space in the stores that is beautiful and durable, we have noticed that customers are much more willing to try our new products.
Andrés RodriguezDirector Pet's Up Products Ltd (UK)
[If you want to read the stories of other citizens, you can find them on this page.]
If you also want to join us, here is the link… in fact no, since there is a lot of stuff to read, I leave it to you at the bottom of the page, so you can do it with calm.
But back to us.
I guess you’re wondering, what kind of weapons are you talking about? Moreover, what does the rental have to do with it?
I’m sure I’m not wrong thinking you’re struggling with this post-pandemic right now.
Perhaps one day we will find out that they made fun of us and that it was all a staging, but whatever the truth, two are things in everyone’s eyes: many people have died, many industries and businesses are shredded.
Now, unfortunately, nothing we can do for missing persons, but on the contrary, much we can for our companies.
I come immediately to the core: at this moment in particular, what is the most important thing for the rebirth of your company?
That’s right, cash-flow, which is the liquidity available to run the engine of your business.
Therefore, what measure could we take in Polyproland to support the liquidity of citizens-customers?
Of course, we have our own currency, the PoPcoin (link), we could leverage that, but right now we need something more urgent, more incisive.
The answer is not simple at all, but as often happens, the best solution is under our nose.

And here’s Columbus’ egg: the rental!

Rental is usually used in other industries, but for the first time, we’ve introduced it to the world of Visual Merchandising and retail marketing strategies.
With the rental of your new sales tools, you will no longer have to invest all the necessary capital right away, but you can manage the cash-outs during the progress of the sales.
Let’s take a look at the chart below.
I compared the traditional way of buying with the rental system.
There are two things that immediately catch the eye:
  1. the first is that with the rental you reach the break-even point only after a little more than a month from your purchase, that is, you have already returned after a few weeks of expenses incurred to boost your sales.
  2. The second is that after the first phase, the revenues exceed the costs that you still have to pay for the rental of your stands.
In fact, as I told you, you pay the stands only after you cash in from the sales, without touching a single cent from your bank account.
In practice, self-finance your product promotion activities.
Obviously this is a simulation just over a period of six months, try to imagine the results for longer periods.

Does it work for everyone?

Unfortunately not.
It doesn’t work if, you either for the features of your product or distribution channels, you are forced to use disposable displays.
In this case, the rental does not bring you any significant advantage.
If you have instead decided to keep control of the stores with displays that are recharged and reused for several months, and also you do not want to run the risk of having to replace them continuously, then certainly the rental offers you several benefits.

Here’s how you can use the rental to give your company a real breath of oxygen.

1 – You can move cash outings forward over time and increase the liquidity available in the company.
By renting your display, you can decide to pay for them depending on the rotation of your products, thus enabling you to cash in before spending.
Just to anticipate a few details, the rental of the More Sales with No Hassles system’s displays starts from a minimum time of 3 months to a maximum of 12.
Moreover, the minimum lot to be able to use this formula is very low, it is only 100 pieces (of the ground type, the over-the-counter ones are excluded from the program).
2 – You will be safe from unplanned expenses and costs for the duration of your in-store activities.
Thanks to the total protection from any breakages, even accidental ones, you will receive free components that for any reason were damaged during use, and in the most serious cases, the complete exhibitor (in the latter case there is a small deductible).
The result is to always have a perfect and impressive display at the point of sale, without running the risk of losing customers due to products on wobbly and unprofessional displays.
But this isn’t over.
3 – You can become a safe and reliable point of reference for your customers, and help them drive sales of your products.
In fact, by renting your stands, you will receive the “Selly” guide for free in each package.
Selly is a small but valuable guide that will teach your retailers and their employees how to make the most of the tools you got them.
[To get to know her better and find out how much it can help, click here]
In addition, your resellers will have a consultant at their disposal for asking advice and suggestions on the best use the displays you have provided them.
Real free advice that will not only benefit you in sales, but will make you an indispensable and valuable business partner for distributors and retailers.
Finally, you can enjoy the development of your new project completely free of charge and without any contribution for the develop by getting a refund of 100% if you decide to sign the final rental agreement.

As you can see, renting a Polypro display stand benefits the financial management of your business and gives a strong boost to sales activities.

If you’re still wondering why you should rent display stands instead of buying them as usual, let me ask you a question: would you rather leave your money in the hands of the supplier, or use your money to generate additional wealth, open new markets or develop new products? I guess the answer.
And consider that you no longer have to worry about anything, that it’s all under control and that you won’t have to bear any unexpected costs.
So if you’ve decided to:
make your company’s cash flow management moreefficient, and gain a new source of liquidity

side by side with your sales strategies a system that not only allows you to increase sales, but at the same time save on distribution costs, exponentially multiplying the benefits of this formula

ensure that the image of your business and your products is always at a high level and that you have the trust of customers and consumers

offer your customers the opportunity to receive free and specific advice to take control and give a strong boost to your retail sales
then we’ll wait for you in Polyproland!



too will have the powerful weapon to fight the competition and

become… consumer choice!

We are here to provide you with all the details of this innovative sales system.

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