the new coin of Polyproland

If this is your first time on this site or opening this page, you probably don’t know where you are yet.
You are in Polyproland, a land where companies gather to accomplish their most ambitious conqueror desires and to develop new markets.
This is where retail strategies meet the tools needed to achieve the greatest possible success at the lowest possible cost.
It’s a world that is governed by the laws of the More Sales with No Hassles system, making it the safest and most beneficial place for all companies that want to triumph in retail sales.
Polyproland is like a small country, a small state, and as such, it provides for the protection, growth and development of its inhabitants.
And, of course, it has its own currency as well: the PoPcoin.
The PoPcoins is a coin exclusively issued by Polypro S.p.A. – the majority shareholder of Polyproland’s Central Bank – and it can be used by all those who decide to make their purchases in this world.
The Central Bank decide its value and the change rate against the official currencies, that as you are going to see, it is not always the same, but like all currencies, may vary upward or downwards over time.
However, in this decision, the Bank is affected by the supervision of an important auditing agency: the Control Committee.
Indeed, the Control Committee, ensures that currency fluctuations do not affect the economy of the resident companies.
Now let’s take a look on how it exactly works.
How you get them
The only way to earn PoPcoins is to obtain the status of Polyproland citizen.
To be a citizen it is sufficient having made only a purchase from Polypro S.p.A. (or other company related to it).
From this moment, you are entitled to receive a certain number of coins for each order placed.
The transfer to your account takes place on the day of the shipment of the goods or delivery of the service.
How much they are worth
The nominal value of a single PoPcoin is 1 euro, and the exchange ratio with the orders amount is 1 PoPcoin for every 100 euro of purchase.
The Central Bank has determined that the PoPcoin can only revalue and can never fall below the nominal value of 1 euro. Never.
Therefore, for example, for an order, let’s pretend, of 1,500 euro, the Central Bank will issue 15 PoPcoin in your favour.
Settled down that for every 100 euros you get 1 PoPcoin, let’s take a deeper look on what happens every time you decide to place a new order.
Due to a Control Committee’s decision, although the nominal value of a PoPcoin is 1 euro, for every new issue they will worth 5 euro.
Thereby, going back to the example, the 15 coins earned won’t be worth 1 euro each, but 5, and consequently the value of these coins will be five times higher.
Moreover, again by Control Committee’s decision, the value of PoPcoin remains untouchable for a certain period of time.
For the first two months after your purchase, or that of other colleagues of yours – we will see later on how the purchases of the same company are accumulate – the value is constantly 5 euros. It never drops.
After two months, this coin resume following the natural market fluctuation.
Anyway, don’t worry, every two weeks you’ll receive updates about the value of the coins and the amount of your account.
What they are for
Obviously, the earned PoPcoin, can only be spent within Polyproland.
You can pay every new order with the money you have already on your account.
In fact, your order will be reduced by the value in euro (or your preferred currency) which is equal to the number of coins you have, multiplied by the current value of the PoPcoin.
To make a real example, if at the time you placed your order you had 100 PoPcoin in your wallet which were worth 3 euros and your order is 1.500,00 euros, you will have to pay only 1.200,00.
These 1.200,00 euros are the base on which it will be calculated the new amount of coins, which will be credited to your account at the delivery of the order.
According to this example you would earn 12 new coins, that is a value of 60 euro, available for your future purchases.
Further down you are going to find a chart which better clarify how it works.
How corporate accumulation works
To support companies that buy through different people, locations or departments, the calculation of the coins is centralized.
That is that all PoPcoin of the same company will be canalized in a single account, which is available for who will need to make a new purchase.
An automatic communication system will update all the people usually involved in the purchases of the same company.




To sum all up:
  • Every 100 euros you earn 1 PoPcoin, which you can redeem in subsequent orders, in this way lessening the costs for your sales campaigns.


  • Every time you make a new purchase, the value of the PoPcoin is not 1 as it should have be, but 5, which is actually equal to 5% of the amount you spent, and that you can redeem in your future purchases.


  • For the first two months from the order, every earned PoPcoin maintains the value of 5 euros allowing you for all this period, to have the best return on your investments.


  • PoPcoin is worth forever and never falls below the nominal value of 1 euro, which allows you to maintain your status as a Polyproland citizen even if you do not need to use our products and services for long periods.


  • On the PoPcoin account you add up all the orders placed by your company, which means that you can also take advantage of orders placed by your colleagues, so having more PoPcoin to use, allowing your company to save as much as possible every time it makes a purchase in Polyprolandia.


With this new currency you can make your purchases even more advantageous than before, because in Polyproland not only you can find a system that really helps getting sales off the ground and save on distribution costs.
Not only you can find all the guarantees that your work and your company do not run any risk, but for every euro have spent, you set aside reserves you can invest in the development of your company.
If you have any doubts or want additional information, please contact our support by writing to: customercare@polypro.it, we will be happy to give you all the information you need to enter in the Polyproland’s world.