The new unbreakable and inexpensive anti-infection barrier.

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A question of points of view

     Although we do not deal with these kinds of products, given the emergency that has arisen and the need to minimize the possibility of transmission of pathogens by air, we decided to make SNEEZEBLOCK.
     SNEEZEBLOCK is a transparent barrier that allows all those who need to be in close contact with people, to be able to do so in extreme safety and spontaneity.

Usually, these barriers are made of plastic such as plexiglass and the like.
     The problem is that these kinds of products, besides being extremely expensive, are also very fragile, and a simple fall is enough to shatter them.
     For this reason, we decided to make available our “technology” which, based on the laws of the More Sales with No Hassles system aims to make economical and straightforward what is usually considered complicated and expensive.
     Of course, having also regard to other vital factors, essential for a “furnishing complement”, such as aesthetics and practicality of use.
     The SNEEZEBLOCK barrier is made of polypropylene and polyethylene polymers; this makes it light and flexible, but at the same time, robust and durable.
     The thin screen is extremely transparent and minimally invasive and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth.
     Of course, you can use any type of detergent or disinfectant, both on the screen and the other parts.
     Unlike the usual barriers, the space between the screen and the support plane is very large, thus allowing the passage not only of banknotes and small products but also of large objects, without forcing those who use it to get out of its protection.

     In the delivery kit, in addition to the barrier already pre-assembled and ready to be used in a matter of seconds, there are also two additional spare screens.
     Moreover, in each box, there are also 4 transparent supports with double-sided tape, useful to fix the barrier to the support plane in case it is necessary.
     Screen replacement is a simple and intuitive operation; hence you can have a barrier that is always perfect and for a long time.

How to buy it

Given the situation, and exceptionally, we have decided to make the SEENEZEBLOCK barriers available to private stores as well (given the minimum order required, we usually offer our displays to manufacturers or professional dealers).
You can buy SNEEZEBLOCK barriers immediately with a minimum order of 2 kits (each kit contains a ready-to-use wall and two spare screens).
You can book your kits by filling out the form below.
Once we have received the reservation, we will send you the order confirmation, and within 2 business days, we will send you your new barriers.
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