It is true, things have changed, the distribution and sale of your products in retail stores no longer gives the gains of yeslit.
Of course it  is not your fault, of your sellers or your organization;  is that everything happened fast, too fast.
The Internet has suddenly changed the rules of the game by transferring the battle to a world-class arena, with no barriers whatsoever.
Suddenly,  companies that until then were thousands of km away, found themselves competing before the eyes of customers  on the same shelf.
The competition has become global, unrelenting, unscrupulous.
Fighting powerful opponents from all over the world every day is no easy.
Especially if you don’t have the huge capital you need to face them as equals.
Sometimes the only possible strategy for being able to distribute your products is one: lower the prices.
But in this war, there is and always will be someone who will make the lowest price, until…
Unfortunately  now the system is doped ,not to say worse.

Moving the competition, from consumer choice based
on the sale price,
to the choice based on the PERPERTRATE VALUE of your products,
has become today THE CRUCIAL FACTOR.

It is well known that  shopkeepers/retailers prefer to sell a product of a well known and strongly advertised brand, as it is perceived as “better”  by consumers and therefore much easier to sell.
And unless your company is in this lucky position, effectively promoting sales within their stores has become a titanic enterprise.

How you can better sell your products in the physical stores
at the right price and in the desired quantities,
without having to comply with the continuous requests for discount
and other “concessions” from retailers/distributors?

Imagine what it would be, if retailers were stunned by the sales performance of your products, without even having to resort to the usual promotions or special offers to sell stocks out.
And that, instead of having to beg them to sell your merchandise, they’re the one who wants you in the store, at all costs. Just like they would do for Big Brands.
You’re  probably thinking that to get all this, you have to invest a mountain of money in advertising , operational marketing and expensive Visual Merchandising tools.
You’re right, but if you’re on this site  you’ll soon find that it’s no longer necessary  today.

There is a more
effective and cheaper way
to hit the consumer at just the right time,
that is when it’s inside the store,
in “ON” purchase mode.

Today you can achieve these results thanks to the unique combination that allows you to  increase revenues and sales while reducing costs  and waste in the distribution of your products
It’s the More Sales with No Hassles system, the only one that “cracks” the consumers’ mind and led them to buy your products instead of those of your most famous competitors.
But the thing that makes it so unique, is that  at the same time it puts the turbo to the R.O.I.  of your sales.

Is that…magic? NO is a methodology!

That’s right,  in one fell swoop, you increase sales thanks to a professional system to display your products  within the store.
At the same time, you save money by reducing the costs involved in distributing and promoting them.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg of this methodology, which offers other important benefits for companies that want to stand out and triumph in retail distribution.
It’s good to say right away, that it’s not a way to bring customers into stores.
In other words, it is not a marketing tool to increase the inflow of people into the store; for that there are other ways.
Nor to track and record behaviors and shopping habits with the use of technological stuff and various gadgets.
No, the More Sales system with Hassles is used exclusively to sell. 
That is,  to put your products in the “shopping cart” of consumers . Period.
And in addition to this, thanks to the key tool of the system – the Polypro display stand a  very powerful and exclusive sales tool specifically made for this purpose  – drastically reduces the costs necessary for supply, management, and maintenance of traditional displays.
But there’s more: the More Sales with No Hassles system is not only a display, albeit beautiful, functional and durable, but it is also a  tool to “train” store sales people. 
Unfortunately, most of the time they do not have the sales skills of those who work with large specialist distributors.
In other words, it “teaches” those who need to sell your products how to do it more effectively. Without you or your sales force having to do anything.
In addition, thanks to the  Guarantees system – as many as 4! – completely eliminates the risks arising from problems with errors or inefficiencies that can seriously compromise the sales and image of your career or business .
If you’re wondering at this point how much it would cost to have all this features, let me tell you that the question is badly asked.
If anything, you should ask yourself how much, using this system, would make you earn more than you are doing now.

In fact, this system
was expressly created
for those who are budget-conscious
and aware that every penny spent/invested
MUST return to the company with interest.

Anyway, to give you an idea, on average we are in the order of the cost of one coffee a week…
“Okay, More Sales is clear, but what does No Hassles mean?”
Yes, it also means… that, and  if you want to know all the details of the system, how it works, why it works, for those who work, you can request our Welcome-Box. 
It is a box set (which is actually a big package) that contains ALL the information you need to understand if this system is for you and your company, and that you will receive directly and for free in your office.
Click the button below, and get up close and see the system to get More Sales with No Hassles.
You’re probably wondering why you should waste time with new information, and especially why you should believe a stranger’s words.
I believe in it, you will already be overburdened with a thousand things to do and you have already wasted too much time with broken promises.
Though  you have to recognize that things have changed a lot in recent years , and if you keep doing the things you’ve always done – although they only worked well until a few years ago – today they’re not good anymore and they’re just a waste of money, and nothing will change for you and your company.
I mean, that  if despite the investments you have made so far, the results have been poor  and sometimes with a negative sign, hope  that things can change by themselves does not make any sense .
Anyway, I don’t have all this time to waste either, and I don’t even want to throw away a lot of money to give you all this material (…you’ll better understand when you get the package)…
Therefore, if you’re happy with how sales go in your company, by the results of the activities you’ve put in place to improve retail sales, and you don’t waste time to make up for the delays and problems arising from other people’s incompetence, it is a great thing. The More Sales with No Hassles system will not bring any benefit to you.
If instead:
You want  to entice your customers to buy from you  instead of competitors.
You want  to get out of the price war  that’s emptying the company’s cash.
You want  to have enthusiastic and  proud retailers to do business with you.
You want to  have control of your sales  and support retailers who don’t have the skills to sell as top distribution players would do instead.
You want  to open new markets or even just sell in places where no one has yet arrived. 
You want  to retain customers, both direct (resellers/distributors) and indirect (consumers).
You want  to reduce costs and waste  of money in the distribution of your products.
You want  to put an end to the constant complaints  of dissatisfied retailers.
You want  to avoid wasting time or worse, suffer damage, due to incompetent and superficial partners.
You want  to have the guarantee – not in words, but written black on white –  that the money you have spent will bring the expected results.
Then I hope that in the information and materials that are inside the Welcome-Box, you will find the ideas and solutions you were looking for.
Imagine how your work would change if you could achieve even one of these results.
If every morning instead of having to endure the complaints and absurd demands of retailers, to live with the constant nightmare of reaching budgets.
Or to spend whole days fixing problems that are thrown on your back by those who have been paid to solve them.
And then, apart from gaining quality of life, the satisfaction of having done a good job, and the pride of having done something important for the well-being and the future of all those who work with you and for you, will make you even more the ” light” that everyone would like to have at their side.
Sell & Succeed!
PS: sorry if I have not introduced myself yet, my name is Giuseppe Tripodi (I’m the one in the photo on the main page of the site) and I’m the creator of this system and I thank you for the interest and attention that you have dedicated to me so far.