In the past, before getting to know Polypro and the “More Sales with No Hassles”
system, we mainly used cardboard displays, but we also had metal solutions.
Both, however, created problems for the shopkeeper: the carton because of its very
low resistance and durability and the metal due to the difficulty of having to move
it once loaded or, even if unloaded, the struggle of having to dismantle it and then
reassemble it somewhere else.
The solution that Polypro has proposed to us is decidedly different because it
allows us to have a simple assembly display which is at the same time easy to move
inside the store.
The best feedback received concerns the ease of assembly. The customer
complimented this aspect which usually creates the greatest difficulty.
And then certainly the simplicity of completing the assembly with the hooks that
allow an optimal exposure of the products.
A display of this type definitely changes the impact on sales because, unlike
the traditional shelf that has restricted spaces, it can be positioned at the most
strategic point inside the store, giving greater visibility to the products and a different
impact on the consumer.
Sergio TrincheroSales Manager ALPI SERVICE SRL - ITALIY
We have been working with Polypro for some years. The performance we require is higher than the average in comparison with other Italian businesses. In fact we are a US company with partners all over Europe, who need an accurate service by Polypro.
Polypro products meet specific needs of our market. The quality they guarantee allows us to avoid loss of time, potentially dangerous both for our image and for our clients’ satisfaction.
Polypro constantly guarantees that design, realization and delivery are punctually completed.
Gianluca BugliSales Director EMEA di Johnson Outdoors - USA
As a specialist company, we have used displays in more significant points of sale. In the small traditional shop, specific structures struggle to find space, so the display is on the shelf.
Then, with our second brand Best Friend, we had the problem of how to display products, and often customers asked us for help both in terms of structures and ideas and assortment and display homogeneity, so we have a long experience, I would say twenty years, in the use of displays, especially in large retailers.
We have created various types of displays both in metal and cardboard.
The problem with metal displays is to be invasive, so it must have structures that are almost entirely covered by the products on display.
A cardboard display, as well as resistant, must have its attractive graphics, but the cardboard is not a product that is sold and is not a product of value and must somehow be hidden by the product that is inside or on it.
Also, there is the problem for the cardboard related to the fact that it lends itself to be containment but often does not lend itself to be used for the hanger for a problem of resistance.
We used these two types of displays until we realized that a particular kind of product was not suitable for either solution or preferably not without difficulty. So, thanks to common knowledge, we turned to Polypro to evaluate if their system could be ideal for this particular need.
We presented our requirements to the Polypro staff and were really satisfied with the way they supported us in the study and development of the project.
In particular, we needed to display heavy breastplates and clothing in a certain way to improve visibility and facilitate consumer choice.
Our retailers liked the solution for many reasons: certainly the solidity and appearance, the black color then gives value and prestige to the product presented ... this solution was also liked by other companies interested in copying the idea ...
In retail, for certain types of products that do not find space in the linear, we talk about promotional moments or tests of insertion of new products, the solution Polypro has undoubtedly helped sales. If we had not proposed it, we would certainly have found it more difficult, as had happened before, to insert this type of product.
Dan Franco President RINALDO FRANCO S.p.A. - ITALY
We have always worked on POP display projects given the increasingly growing demand of brand qualitative identification, above all “in the last meter”.

 Our display stands so far had been made of cardboard, metal or wood with obvious assembly problems or excessive fragility, always making the project follow-up on the point of sale very articulate and with a large budget erosion.

 Since we met Polypro and the “More Sales with No Hassles” system, everything has become “simple”. The display stands can be assembled in an instant and the duration is guaranteed. They remain intact even on surfaces with high walkability, such as the mass market retail ones.

 The materials are also very versatile and adapt to any display form / requirement. 

All this, together with Polypro team’s infinite willingness, made everything fantastic: astonishingly short times, maximum punctuality, precision and attention to details.

 Although I cannot accurately quantify the ROI of Polypro displays, I can say that we have certainly gained a lot in terms of execution, duration, and cost savings.

We have reduced supply times and received positive feedback from our satisfied customers about the simplicity of assembly and the Polypro durability.

 Result? Collaborating with Polypro, our customers and us are both satisfied as we could count on: punctuality in responses, professionalism at very high levels, assistance and flexibility even in last minute changes.
Mattia SavianoBrand Manager in FKA BRANDS, Elettronica di consumo - ITALY
Before meeting Polypro we used cardboard displays of which we were not satisfied. They were not very stable and not even suitable for presenting our products in the stores. We have therefore decided to change system by contacting Polypro. We use the new Polypro displays with all our new customers or when we introduce new products in new markets. Our customers are very satisfied with these displays because they are much more stable and the colors are brilliant. We use them as advertising material for new products and we are really satisfied. Even the design and the eye-catcher are much better than the previous ones in cardboard. We are really satisfied with our collaboration, therefore we have recommended to our partners the More Sales with No Hassles system and Polypro's displays.
Maren KleinMarketing & Sales Manager at Mealberry Gmbh - GERMANY
Before getting to know Polypro, we used carton displays.
The design on it was not very nice, and the carton displays always thrown out after use.
Polypro displays are better designed, and we can refile it again and the price difference between the carton and Polypro displays is very low.
Lovely design to very nice product it sells better in the store.
The specific issue I fixed thanks to Polypro displays is that sell out is better, and the weight of the displays is very low. A great advantage for shipments and the sales staff in the store.
The sell out in the stores is increased by 20% compared with our carton display, and it's still growing.
Polypro delivery to time, we get goals for the display and send our style guide, and everything fit perfect.
What else? Very competent team. It's a pleasure working together.
I would recommend of course Polypro's displays to other companies.
Before getting to know Polypro we used wooden displays. We were looking for a lighter, cheaper alternative to a wooden display. We wanted a display of higher quality than cardboard, so it would be strong enough to contain a wide range of products. We also needed a display that correctly showed our product. With the Polypro display, we have found an economical and high quality option that has elevated our brand in stores. Polypro has provided an excellent service and has created a high quality and well designed product. Polypro works with you at every stage of the process to create a high quality display that works for your product. Working with the Polypro team was a great experience. We really enjoyed working with them. We have solved the most critical aspect in choosing a new display or ensuring a robust display, but one that looks good and that represents our brand appropriately. So we recommend Polypro displays to other entrepreneurs.
Anna CorsoPearhead Inc. New York - USA