Introduction to the system to increase sales
and at the same time reduce costs
distribution of your products.

The rapid evolution of the retail sales and distribution systems has forced companies and distributors to review and refine their sales strategies in physical stores.
If only a few years ago it would have been enough to use any Visual Merchandising tool to differentiate itself from the competition and to keep sales high, today it is no longer enough.
But distribution models change is not the only reason that drives manufacturers and those who distribute and sell their products every day, to look for new ways to sell their products conveniently.
There are two most significant factors.
On the one hand, the behaviour of consumers who, regardless of which channel they decide to buy – whether online or offline – have become much more demanding, both in terms of the required quality both from the point of view of the convenience.
In short, they have evolved a lot, andin the face of the unlimited choice available to them, they are continually seeking the maximum convenience possible.
Not only the economic convenience but above all the attention on how they spend their money.
In other words, they calculate – though mostly unconsciously – whether what they have purchased is worth the price they paid.
On the other hand, as if it were the flip side, the extreme competition between companies, fighting for the same market, with products almost all of the same characteristics, requires companies to look for ways to differentiate themselves from the mass desperately.
Ma But differentiating involves costs, sometimes even massive, that not all companies are willing, or have the willingness, to spend.
So are small and medium-sized companies destined to languish slowly under the grip of the big industries and powerful corporations?
I don’t think so.
Actually, the Most Sales with No Hassle methodology, the system that allows companies to increase sales and simultaneously save in distribution and retail costs, is addressed precisely to them.
The system is based on 4 main pillars, each of which performs a specific function.
  • 1st Pillar: Polypro display stands.
  • 2nd Pillar: the guide “Selly”.
  • 3rd Pillar: the 4 warranties.
  • 4th Pillar: pollution-free.
In summary here are the goals you can achieve with this system:
  • With Polypro display stands you can stand out from the crowd of competitors and make your products look better and more attractive than the others.
    In addition, thanks to them, you can say goodbye to unnecessary storage, shipping, maintenance or, even worse, replacement costs.
  • Solve the lack of control over final sales and support, encourage and educate retailers to sell better and more of your items (and not those of competitors).
  • Stop running after delays, hiccups and even accidents that can delay or hinder the execution of your sales campaigns.
  • Actively contribute to environmental protection without giving up promoting your sales effectively and professionally.
But the real strength of this system, that differentiates it from all the solutions you have tried so far, is that all these factors work in synergy, multiplying exponentially their single effectiveness, thus creating a formidable basis on which to support your ambitious sales strategies.


Would you like to find out if the More Sales with No Hassle system actually allow you to push hard in retail sales without wasting your time and money?