1st Pillar: Polypro Display Stands

Due to continuous copyright infringement and piracy attempts by unauthorized third-party companies,
we decided to delete many of the images of the stands from this site.

Polypro display stands are one of the main pillars of the More Sales with No Hassles system
They are specifically designed to create attractive and professional unique sales units within stores.
The combination of the characteristics of the material and the exclusive design, with clean and at the same time captivating shapes, makes them extremely effective to capture the attention of customers within stores and to impress your products a higher quality than that of your competitors.
Like all plastic displays, they are water-resistant and can be housed outdoors or in contact with water.
They are washable with any liquid – even with aggressive detergents – so they keep their appearance clean and shiny even after many months of use.
Of course, being plastic, they are much more durable than traditional cardboard displays and do not soil or embark like those made of wood.
They do not collapse under the weight of the products, they do not tear and always keep the image of your company at the highest levels.
All this means that you don’t have to replace them with the natural frequency, and you can use them over and over again, allowing you to save not only on buying new stands but also on shipping costs at your retailers’ outlets.
But the real strength of these exhibitors, in addition to the design, is the unique (patented) construction system.
Ingenious but proven interlocking systems allow Polypro stands to be mounted easily and in minutes directly on the point of sale, and you can ship them to your dealers with a few euro even if they are scattered around the planet.
You can immediately recognise an original Polypro because, although assembled in joints, these are not very visible (in some models they are completely hidden) and allow you to customize them freely, without annoying holes or protrusions in the middle of your graphics.
Also, thanks to these systems, they are delivered to you in an extremely compact packaging (a sturdy cardboard box), and are ready to be shipped to your retailers without needing to be re-packed. A huge cut in the costs of handling, shipping and storage.
By the way, they can be comfortably transported in the trunk of any car (… for the Smart we’re working on it…) by your agents or merchandisers.
Finally, given the extreme ease of assembly, and the pleasant aesthetic appearance, the promotional stands are joyfully assembled by the shopkeepers, who instead of leaving them locked in a closet or rather to throw them away, really use them. All to the benefit of your sales.
Would you like to find out if the More Sales with No Hassles system actually allow you to push hard in retail sales without wasting your time and money?