2nd Pillar: the guide Selly

One of the problems you have to face daily is that very often your retailers fail to make the most of the sales tools you’ve provided them.
According to the statistics of the Point of Purchase Advertising International, on average 40% of the displays sent to stores are not used at all, or are used incorrectly.
This means that about 40% of your money is literally thrown out the window. A disaster!
There are many reasons why this happens and they can be traced back to one main reason: companies do not have a precise and punctual execution plan.
Which is quite normal for a small or medium-sized company that, in the vast majority of cases, has delegated the management of the final sales activities entirely to its retailers.
But retailers don’t always do their best to promote the sale of your products.
On the one hand, some retailers are not fully aware of how useful and effective is the use of a product display to boost sales, and in any case, they do not know how to exploit their immense potential.
How many times have you been told: “look, I have no space, can’t put your display in my store”?
On the other hand, there are situations in which the stands you sent to the shopkeeper do… I mean, they are neither beautiful nor functional, and after a week they threw them away.
For this last aspect, the solution is quite simple: you should provide your dealers with the right tools, both from the point of view of the image of their stores and from the point of view of ease of assembly, maintenance and durability.
Where, however, it is more complex and expensive to intervene is on the first assumption.
The fact is that either you have a team of merchandisers who constantly investigate the actual and correct application of your displays, or you have to find a way to provide them with this information.
And here comes Selly, the shopkeeper’s guide for selling your products…welly!
Selly is a practical and friendly guide, which suggests to shopkeepers some tricks to take advantage of your promotional stands just as an experienced category manager of a supermarket would.
The guide is included in the packaging of the stands, and every time you send one, she suggests to the shopkeepers how to use, where to put, and how to set up your display.
The advantage is that it practically costs you nothing, and doesn’t force you to hire expensive agencies to manage your merchandising.
With Selly, you can remotely control the activities of retailers without, in fact, ingesting their business – they don’t notice, but actually do what you suggest 😉 – and in that sense, you can re-gain control of the final sales.
That’s why Selly is really one of the most important pillars of the Most Sales with No Hassles system.
Would you like to find out if the More Sales with No Hassles system actually allow you to push hard in retail sales without wasting your time and money?