3rd Pillar: Warranties

The guarantee system of the More Sales with No Hassles system aims to eliminate any risk for your purchases in Polyproland.
There are four, each related to a specific situation that is created when you decide to create promotional displays to increase the sales of your products.
A few years ago, a customer from Denmark decided to buy the first batch of stands. As usual for the first delivery to a new customer, the goods would have to be paid before the shipment.
But this client had no intention of making this payment, and the reason was very unusual.
He said that a friend of his had ordered a train (!) from an Italian company, paying it in advance, and never received it.
Surely this situation – a real scam – could have happened with any other company in the world, but we cannot hide the fact that often Italian companies do not enjoy good fame in Europe and around the world.
This was the spark that made us realise that, regardless of our nationality, our customers had to be safe doing business in Polyproland.
Not only did they have to be sure, but they had to be sure that the whole process – from design to final delivery – met the set specifications and timeline.
In fact, in the world of retail distribution, any problem that is not solved promptly, any day of delay, any failure to sell, can lead to a great loss of money or competitiveness on the market for companies.
Let’s see them one by one.
The first guarantee spreads to the initial phase of the project, hence the name “Perfect Project”.
Although the corpus of our standard models is remarkable (more than 100 items), very often to correctly follow the customer’s needs, it is necessary to intervene deeply on the starting model.
When these changes are complex and require design, testing, and special adaptations, it is normal for the customer to be asked to participate in the expenses (it is the “My Unique Display” advice).
What we don’t want, however, is you to take the risk that our project is not going well or, for any other reason, is not what you were looking for.
In this case, if you are not completely satisfied with the result, you will receive a full refund of what you have already paid. No ifs or buts.
The second warranty is called “Zero Delay”.
As the name shows, it is a guarantee that covers you in case of late delivery.
Therefore, in the case of a delay that has not been agreed in advance and therefore you do not have any prejudice whatsoever, you will automatically receive a 5% per cent rebate on the total order for each week of delay.
You don’t have to ask us anything, the coupon will automatically go out.
The third warranty is called “Watertight” is a real ALL-RISKS insurance.
Each Polypro display is guaranteed for as many as 100 days after the delivery date against any kind of break, even accidental and whoever caused it.
In this case, it will be our care to replace and send it directly to the store you report, or the entire stand or the components need to be replaced.
The last guarantee is truly incredible, but it is perhaps the most important for the safety of your work and your money.
It is called “Relaxed Sleeps” because for 30 days from the date of delivery of your order you have the right to receive the full refund if there is something wrong.
All you have to do is return the goods we delivered, and you will be immediately 100% refunded. Obviously without ifs and no buts.
All these – incredible – warranties are one of the elements that totally differentiate us from other companies, of any industry, and are essential in the world of Polyproland.
The truth is that we don’t care about being the best, the most creative and stuff like that.
What matters, is that our customers never take any risks because of us and therefore have… No Hassles!
Would you like to find out if the More Sales with No Hassles system actually allow you to push hard in retail sales without wasting your time and money?