4th Pillar: Pollution-Free

The More Sales with No hassles methodology is not just a virtuous system for the economy of your company.
It is also for the environment and the world in which we live and in which our children will live.
  • Environmentally friendly raw materials
The first element that characterises the sustainability of the system is the use of raw materials with very low environmental impact. First of all, polypropylene, the material with which the system display stands are made.
Although polypropylene is a raw material obtained from a so-called “non-renewable source” – oil – data in hand, it is one of the raw materials with the lowest environmental impact. Not only it is obtained from refining waste, but the production process is one with the lowest emission of carbon dioxide and other poisonous substances.
  • Recycled and recyclable raw materials
Polypropylene is totally recyclable. The scraps and processing wastes are ground and then re-used to produce new sheets and new displays. For example, the stands in the WUDLIKE collection are made from 30% of the recycled raw materials.
Once having concluded its work, the stand can be disposed of as common plastic waste, ready to take a new “life”.
  • Stop “Use-and-throw-away”
Polypro product displays are designed to be recharged and used over and over again. This allows you to eliminate not only the need to buy new displays but above all not to waste the energy and fuel needed to get them to their destination.
  • Lightweight and Waste-free
Thanks to the construction system and the material used, the stands have a package 10 times smaller than when assembled They are also twice as lighter as wooden or metal displays.
These two aspects together, allows the transport, the storage and the logistic operations overall, to be very inexpensive, and with a low environmental impact
Would you like to find out if the More Sales with No Hassles system actually allow you to push hard in retail sales without wasting your time and money?