What made myself look like an idiot this year at Interzoo

Dear professionista,
I’m sure that the “big hangover” post Interzoo is almost over, and that the results of the fair have been very positive.
This edition, however, seemed a bit different from the usual, for some a bit diluted and dispersive.
There are those who say that, as we are missing on Saturdays and Sundays, probably many visitors have not been able to come.
Others instead, that the fair is too big and with too many exhibitors present.
Perhaps all two things together.
To deal with these problems, I decided to send around two hostesses to distribute information material and invite the companies present at the show to come and visit us at our stand.
Unfortunately, the first day, about half an hour after the opening, something really embarrassing happened to me!
An attendant of the fair shows up at our stand quite unnerved, almost holding the two poor girls hostage who were distributing invitations: I had not paid to do this activity.
Here, the usual figure of the Italian “crafty”, right in front everybody.
Ovviamente non sapevo di questo adempimento, ed immediatamente ho provveduto al pagamento di questo sevizio; e devo dire che, altrettanto velocemente, mi sono stati consegnati i permessi per le ragazze.
Forty minutes of “panic”, and then everything has been solved.
If you are reading this email, it is because you received at your stand the visit of my… authorized staff.
They left you a free copy of our magazine and an invitation card like this you see nearby.
Maybe you did not have time to come and see for yourself what it was and get your bonuses.
Or maybe you did not care at all; in this case, sorry for the trouble.

If instead you are among those who would have liked to do so, then I have good news for you.

You can receive your bonus anyway,
even if you haven’t found the time to come and visit us.


It is a short but intense guide on how to make the most of the potential of physical stores for the sale of your products.
These are the three “rules” that you absolutely must keep in mind – and apply – when you distribute your products in physical stores.
Not respecting them could cost you a lot, both concerning the health of your company or your personal and professional well-being.
I’m not exaggerating, and you agree with me that there is nothing more frustrating and disheartening than seeing all your sacrifices dissolve like a sand castle in the sun, slowly engulfed by the waves of the sea, and feel helpless and trapped by the new rules imposed by the market and by competitors.
That’s why I decided to send you for free this report, printed on “real” paper, so that you can always have it at hand.
Unfortunately, the other small but “sweet” gift is over: I bought 25 kg of Lindt chocolates, but as you can imagine, there is no more trace …
Patience, but I tell you already that if you are going to be next year in Bologna – Zooomark 2019 – you can redo with the interests: as every year we will organise a party-aperitif, and there will be a lot of good things to eat in our region. But for this, I will let you know later.
If you want to receive your free report, check the shipping data in the form below – if you need to make corrections, you can write in the respective boxes the correct data in place of the wrong or missing ones – and click on the button at the bottom of the form.
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If you’re wondering why I do it and especially why you should absolutely have this report, the answer is simple:
for a small business owner the only way to neutralize the competition
and face the excessive power of the giants and multinationals companies,
is to take back the helm of his company
and of his profession,
and go to counterattack with sales tools and strategies
that bring real positive results

increase in sales
and optimize the available resources

increase  in the return on costs/investments incurred.
It obviously does not depend on your personal skills or expertise, and it’s not your fault if the “rules of the game” are like that, I just say that it’s certainly a mistake to think that there can not be alternatives or ways out.
We all know that, that the market has changed. Neither bad nor good, it has only changed, and now it’s up to us to straighten the course of our ship.
And the only way for a small or medium-sized business not to be sucked in by the price war and  in the wild discount is to …
Well, it’s useless to talk about it now, I’ve already taken too much time, everything is written in the report.
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I wish you good work and lots of successful sales.



Giuseppe Tripodi
The creator of the “More Sales with No Brackage” system.