Do you honestly believe that to respect the environment you have to give up to show your products in an appealing and professional way?

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If you own or work for a company, that distributes its products to retailers, you may have noticed that in recent times consumers have become much more sensitive to the aspects that affect their health and that of the planet.

More than a trend, I would define it as a collective feeling that affects all areas of their existence and is reflected in the behavior of modern consumers.

With the WUDLIKE line displays, you can give a strong “natural” and environmentally friendly connotation and, at the same time, of great quality.

It is a smart way to support your products and the environment: you use them but don't throw them away
To be considered truly sustainable, a product or a material must be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.
These three aspects have become the pillars of sustainability, to which plastic gives an immense contribution through their energy-saving potential, their inherent recyclability and energy recovery options.
From an environmental point of view, it is important to know that only 4% of the world’s oil production is used to produce plastics.
More importantly, less energy and water is used to produce plastic than other materials, such as wood or cardboard.
Plastic is durable but lightweight, and for this reason, it saves weight in cars, planes, packaging and pipes.
When the plastic has completed its use, such as the bumper of a car or a bottle, or like in our case, a display stand, it can be recycled.
Of course, like all available resources, they must be used in an intelligent and conscious way, something that since now, man has not succeeded in doing yet.
Not all plastics indeed are the same.
Polypropylene (PP) – the material with which WUDLIKE displays are made of, and from which the name of the company that produces them derives, Polypro – is the plastic that, besides to be used in many sectors – from food to medicine, from the automobile industry to the packaging industry – is a raw material with a very low environmental impact, both from the point of view of production and disposal.
It is 100% recyclable and does not contain toxic or poisonous substances.
Just think that the PP has been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) for direct contact with food because, in addition to being non-toxic, it does not contaminate in any way the substances which are in contact with.
In 2013, the FDA also approved recycled PP.
The primary way to sustainability is exclusively to reuse and reduce waste, not to return to the cavemen times, as someone says.
WUDLIKE displays are not disposable, and they can be recharged over and over again, remaining clean and undamaged for a long time.
The choice to use only polypropylene is based on the possibility to use a material with a low environmental impact, absolutely non-toxic, and that can be recycled dozens and dozens of times, so undoubtedly and absolutely sustainable for the environment.
With the WUDLIKE collection’s displays, you can exponentially multiply the already considerable benefits for the environment, since 73% of them are made of recycled polypropylene, and therefore with a practically zero exploitation of new fossil resources.
Today’s consumers are strongly attracted from companies that make ethics and sustainability their bulwark, and with WUDLIKE, you can demonstrate with concrete facts your attention to their well-being and that of Gaia too.
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You have only 5 seconds to convince them to buy your products
A product, inside a shop, has on average no more than 5 seconds to be noticed by consumers.
In these few moments, in the consumer’s head, a series of sensations and reasonings are triggered, and that will lead him to decide whether to buy a particular product or not.
It’s like when we meet a person for the first time, it only takes a few seconds, and we’ve already got an idea of who we’re dealing with.
Every little detail goes under our scanner, even if we don’t realize it.
Our brains don’t like to overthinking – if it’s not really necessary – and they rely on the so-called bias to save valuable energy.
Bias are reasonings that we have already done and drawn conclusions from.
They are stored there, ready to be used without any effort.
That’s why we have so little time to convince a customer to buy one of our products because the choice is mostly unconscious and instantaneous.
Within a shop, this mechanism is called “impulse buying”, that is a purchase that was not planned, but takes place when the consumer notices a particular product.
Promotional displays all have this function, but not all are equally effective.
While once displays had the function to bring products “off the shelf” and bring them to the attention of consumers, today, although this function is basically valid, it is not enough at all.
Today’s consumers rarely buy out of necessity, and they are much more sophisticated than they were used to be.
It is no longer enough to be visible. We must intercept their way of seeing things, their vision, their trends.
The WUDLIKE collection displays have precisely this aim: not only to capture the attention of consumers but above all to reflect their tastes and align with their mental bias.
The WUDLIKE collection is based on the Universal models proposed by Polypro, which are a guarantee of originality, elegance and robustness.
They are available with three basic textures, which offer a clear perception to consumers of the natural origin and the environmental sustainability of your products.
Until now to achieve these results, you probably had to use cardboard displays, withstanding all the problems of fragility related, or made of wood, heavy, inelegant and often expensive.
With WUDLIKE you can say goodbye to these annoying problems, and be sure to display your products for as long as you want, without the need for costly replacements or complaints from your dealers.
Yes, right the retailers will be the ones who will thank you most, for providing them with these displays which will not only embellish their shops but will help them to sell better and in the greater quantity of your products.
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In a small box a massive sales tool
The displays of the WUDLIKE collection derive directly from the universal models produced by Polypro and represent one of the four supporting columns of the More Sales with No Hassles system.
This methodology aims to provide manufacturers with a tool specifically designed to increase sales within retail channels while reducing distribution costs.
Sustainability, savings and waste reduction are fundamental aspects for us, so much so that they constitute the second pillar of our system.
For the sake of completeness, it is right to remember that there are two more fundamental elements: “Selly”, our guide that goes with each display and helps those who use it to fully exploit its great potential, and, the last one, the set of guarantees, created specifically to protect you before, during and after the use of our methodology.
The structures are assembled directly at the point of sale with simple and tested interlocking systems, without the need for any tools.
The only thing you need is a cutter to open the box.
On average, to assemble a Polypro display, it takes 3 or 4 minutes at least.
This important and valuable feature allows you to receive the display in a box that is 10 times smaller than when it is mounted, thus ensuring significant savings both in terms of transport costs – especially those for sending to the shops of your dealers – and storage.
The box, although made of cardboard, is sturdy enough and is ready to be sent to your dealers or to be easily stored in the trunk of your agents’ or merchandisers’ cars, in the case they will be in charge of the set-up.
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