If you aim to realize promotional campaigns
really able to increase your sales,
without any risk to waste your money
or to face troubles caused by the poor quality of your displays.
Here you will find the solution you are looking for.


Dear Marketing Manager,
I am writing you after my visit to your booth during Kind und Jugend 2016.
I’ve been impressed by the attention you paid in your products display. It’s easy to notice the hard work and care behind your communication strategy.
To be successful nowadays, for a product is not enough to be exclusive, and I am aware of this.
Even when a product, both safe and beautifully designed, is realized with the best materials and ingredients, with an eye on the environment, using innovative technologies or artisanal processes, it`s just not enough.
In a world full of advertisement, shoppers need to be guided in his choices.
It would be great if customers really bought the best product, but they chose what they thinks are the best one.
Fortunately, there is you, who deal with marketing and take up the challenge to gain in importance in end users` mind. What a fascinating job!
However, I am sure it is not easy.
You, who have to deal with early childhood products, have to consider a crucial aspect: who buys your products is almost never what we would technically call “final user”, but parents, grandparents, uncles, relatives and friends.
Nice challenge for your marketing!
Every decision, activity and procedure of yours, has consequences on sales, on your relation with end users and your brand reputation. In brief: on your company’s destiny.
Now that I am writing you, I recall a talk I had some time ago with a friend of mine, who deals with marketing exactly as you do.
Coming home from a long day spent skiing, he lets off steam. “After a short and enjoyable break with friends, I`m now back to daily routine made of phone calls, meetings, contracts, orders, exhibitions, business trips, projects…damn, I am not saving lives, they are just baby bottles!”.
It’s true, you are not a surgeon, and we are not talking about life and death, but sometimes this is exactly what it looks like. You know what I mean? Crucial decisions to be made in a short time.
It’s entirely understandable, you have significant responsibilities, lot of professional and personal worries, and you are the only one who can face them.
Switching back to my friend, at that moment he was getting ready for a new product launch, without really having the time to organize it because the deadline was suddenly anticipated.
First, he was fully concentrated on a high-quality and distinguishing packaging, designed to sell. This choice already means to invest a lot of time and energies.
Later on – now there was a very short time left – he had to choose a display stand for the point of sale. The only thing that saved him was a call to the first available paper processing industry.
Actually “save” is not the best term here of course.
Unfortunately, when just a couple of days were left from the launch, he started receiving calls from stores and agents, together with embarrassing pictures.
Display shelves ripped up, some products glided against the others mixing up, and some of them also fell on the floor.
Promotional campaign results were devastating, and company image was strongly damaged.
It’s easy to understand that in front of a display so messy, moms and dads chose a product of the competitors, instead of his company’s.
He took care of every single detail until then, but he decided to trust a disposable low-quality display, fragile and unstable, and he damaged his company image, pushing away end users.
In the end-user mind, the display is a product of yours. 
Your display and your product are a single identity in their mind and talks about your company work style.
Now, if you just need a display stand to get out from the crowd in the store, aiming to show your products and nothing else, a paper display might be suitable, when aware of the risks.
But if you aim to make your products great, to convey your brand high value, to be the best in the mind of end users, influencing their choices at the point of sale, then I will be happy and proud to help you with your goal.
I did the same for my friend, now a customer of mine. I helped him to select his Polypro display, which definitively fixed troubles like low resistance and fragility, products waste and economic loss.
He took back retailers and clients, increased the amounts of promotional campaigns and, as a consequence, he enhanced sales performances.
His working days are still too short because of the number of activities and tasks he has to deal with, but he`s now more relaxed and satisfied with the results he got, and he also conquered a couple of additional days to be dedicated to skiing with friends.
I haven’t introduced myself yet.
My name is Barbara Favaro, and I have been dealing with stand displays for more than ten years.
My purpose is to help my clients:image001
  • To get more visibility, more appeal and more sales for their products, thanks to the right display to guard the point of sale
  • To definitively fix issues connected with weak resistance, short lifetime, difficult or long assembly and expensive warehouse and retailing costs, caused by volumes and weight of the parcels.
For a couple of years I have been working with prominent companies in this business area.
They sell all over the world, and this is why I am aware of dynamics that afflict this market and area: I learnt how to develop attractive, functional and resistant displays, able to guide end users’ choice in the shops.
Displays are realized with special plastic materials with an exclusive formula and polypropylene based. They are assembled with simple, trustworthy and resistant interlocking systems.
With a Polypro stands you can easily display your products, and you can refill it time after time thanks to its long lifetime, even if hit by shopping carts or placed next to sources of heat or, on the contrary, in cold areas.
Furthermore, it is washable, and that means it has a tidy, neat and bright look that enhances your products!
I leave you with the words of two satisfied clients of mine.
We are very happy with the displays!

Store managers love them!

We are, but more important, our customers are very enthusiastic about our display. Very solid and durable and can easily carry our full product line.

Thanks again for making such great products!

Melvin KokManaging Director of Suitical International B.V. – The Netherlands
The quality and structure of the booths have allowed to us to continue using them even though they have been used for over 6 months.

They have been abused, dirtied, rained on, snowed on and still are used.

The graphics do not fade and are still very bright.

For the price of the pieces and shipping, I would recommend them to everyone.

Thank you again and hope to speak to you soon.

Nicholas BusuiocChief of Operations, Vice President at of Sales Packom Sweet LLC – North America
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 Then, I am sorry, I thank you for your time, but I can`t do anything for you.
If instead you want:
  • Protect and enhance your Company`s brand reputation, thanks to a unique display able to transmit your products exclusivity and high value.
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  • Professionally and neatly display your products, working with strong and functional stands
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors, thanks to a modern and exclusive way to display your products.
  • Significantly reduce your storage volumes and freight costs thanks to the smaller packs we ship them into (displays are delivered folded on themselves, unassembled with instructions in single cardboard boxes) and to simplify the work of retailers at the point of sale thanks to the extreme ease of assembly.
As promised, I am sending you for free:
  • One letter I wrote for you
  • One unassembled small-scale Polypro display and one already assembled
  • The “Guide to choosing the right display at the point of sale.”
  • A book that collects some “Case Histories” together with opinion of some clients of us
  • Our recently up-to-date standard displays catalogue
  • A surprise
Thanks a billion for your time.
More visibility, more appeal more sales for your products!
Barbara Favaro
“Polypro has been an outstanding company to work with and always offers a professional, friendly service.

They worked closely with our design team and us to create and develop a new point of sale stand that was in keeping with our company image and met all of our requirements.

The customer service with Polypro is great and staff are always on hand and willing to assist us with any questions that we may have.

The end products that Polypro has manufactured for us are of a premium standard and we receive praise regularly from both retailers and fellow manufacturers in our trade.”

Steph AyresExport Manager of The TastyBone Company Ltd. – UK